Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Export Chart Data from Report Views




We have made an update to make it easier to export chart data from Mode reports.

Export to CSV.gif

If you are viewing a report and want to export the data, you can simply click “Export chart data to CSV” in the kebob menu. The data that is exported will account for any filters in the visualization and be aggregated into a .csv file.

Note: This is only available for charts created in Visual Explorer.

For more information, please see our help documents.

Updated Report Banners




We have made improvements to report banners!

With updated report banners, you will have more clear indicators of what version of a report you are viewing and actions you can take if there are errors with the underlying data.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.12.12 PM.png

New Connectors: Starburst and Trino




We have added two new connectors for Starburst and trino!

Mode’s Starburst integration allows users to query large sets of data for analytics through distributed queries.

With the Trino integration, users can quickly run analytical queries against large data sources directly into Mode’s reports.

Report Editor Improvements




We are excited to share a round of usability and design improvements to our Report Editor. This update includes:

  • Improved experience when navigating between content in the Report Editor.
  • Updates to the overflow menus for Queries and Charts.
  • Added in-line affordance to rename Reports.
  • Ability to tell at a glance which charts are currently in the Report Builder.
  • Updates to contrast and accessibility for an improved Mode experience.


Learn more about using the report editor on our Help Site.

Automatic Schema Refreshes Enabled for Google BigQuery

We have enabled automatic daily schema refreshes for Google BigQuery.

Enabling automatic daily schema refreshes ensures you are querying the most up-to-date and accurate data without the hassle of manually triggering a refresh.

Databases Driver Upgrades

We have updated the JDBC drivers for our Tier 1 databases. Update your database driver to utilize the latest features and ensure best-possible performance.


Learn more about updating database drivers on our Help Site.

Increase Data Limit and Performance in Parameters




We have made improvements on the dropdown list function of Parameters in the Report View.

The Parameters multi-select dropdown now runs faster, supports up to 1MB of data, and allows for entries beyond 1000 to be discoverable via the Search bar.

  • The previous workflow capped the entries to 1000.
  • The resulting change increases stability, discoverability, and performance.

Drilldowns in Visual Explorer

You can now get a more detailed understanding of your temporal data by drilling down to the granularity of seconds in your datetime fields. Previously only available using Quick Charts, you can now find the same functionality in Visual Explorer.

drilldown in viz explorer.gif

Change Column Widths by Direct Manipulation

You can now change the size of column widths in Visual Explorer by direct manipulation. When editing a visualization in Visual Explorer, change the column width by directly dragging the column gridlines to your ideal size.


Learn more about changing column widths on our Help Site.

Restrict External Sharing for Personal Content

We are making changes to how files are shared externally to increase data security.

Users will no longer be able to share reports outside an organization (externally) from their Personal content.

  • Reports can only be externally shared when they are located in Collections.
  • Reports that are already externally shared in Personal content will continue to have external sharing enabled.
  • For any new Report, users will be unable to externally share the report until it is moved into Collections.