Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Automatic schema refreshes updated to once daily




Schemas will now be automatically refreshed once a day instead of every 10 minutes. This reduces your database load by eliminating unnecessary schema refreshes. If you do need to manually trigger a schema refresh, please see instructions on our Help Site.

All schemas will be refreshed at 3:05pm UTC (7:05am PST / 8:05am PDT based on daylight savings.

Plotly 5.3.1 arrives in Mode Python Notebooks




The full power of Plotly 5.3.1 is now available in our Python Edge environment.

We love Plotly, and we know there's a good chance you do too — Plotly is the most commonly used Python library in Mode Notebooks.

Now, the latest version of the popular graphing library is available in our Python Edge environment.


After one month in Edge, the update will be rolled out to our standard Python 3.7 environment.

Happy plotting and happy analyzing!

Granular access control comes to Personal content




Manage who can view and edit Reports in your Personal content

We all have Personal content in Mode.

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 12.24.23 AM.png

With Personal content permissions, you can manage who in your Workspace can view and edit Reports that live in your Personal content.


Setup is simple.

Choose between three levels of Workspace-wide access to your Personal content: Restricted, Viewer, and Editor. Then, if necessary, grant additional individual and Group entitlements.

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 12.27.36 AM.png

Happy analyzing and sharing!

New Connector: Oracle Autonomous Database

Connect your Oracle Autonomous Database to Mode in less than a minute.

Take advantage of Mode speed at Oracle scale with Oracle’s new Autonomous Database. Oracle’s Autonomous Database uses machine learning to scale capacity and optimize performance, while Mode’s Helix in-memory engine eliminates the need for expensive repeated queries.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 12.45.51 PM.png

Your data credentials are all it takes to get started.

Happy analyzing!

Managing permissions in Mode is faster and easier!

Manage access to Collections directly from the My Collections page

No need to click into individual Collections to update Workspace, Group, or individual access entitlements. Simply click the three dots to bring up the Mange Access modal, and you're off to the races! manage access from collections.gif

Administrators have the ability bulk remove Additional Access entitlements (Admin-only feature)

This Admin-only feature makes cleaning up permissions at the Collection level much faster and easier. Instead of removing Groups and individual entitlements one-by-one, Admins have the ability to remove entitlements in bulk.


May 2021 Release Notes


  • Added ability for users to cancel in-progress Notebook runs

  • Surfaced more helpful error messaging in the SQL Editor when results exceeded database limit

  • Added username to membership endpoint in Discovery API

  • Added several fields to the reports and report stats endpoints in Discovery API

  • Added a new table for active Report Subscribers to Discovery Database

  • Added fields to surface whether WLE and external sharing is enabled for reports to the Discovery Database

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in the Mode SQL Tutorial where “See the Answer” links were returning an error message

  • Fixed issue where some users with viewer permission for a report could see, but not interact with, the “Edit Schedule” button

  • Fixed issue where the ‘Remove from Report’ button was not working in Notebooks

April 2021 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Added specific warning messaging when the selected report filter values exceeds limit

  • Fixed issue where users were unable to delete their Exploration when created from a Report for which they had view-only permissions

  • Fixed an issue where deleted queries were persisted in Notebook

  • Removed Explore button from externally shared Reports

  • Fixed an issue where tab autocomplete was not functioning in Python 3 Notebook environments


  • Improved the GitHub integration to work with non-standard named default branches

  • Added visibility to errors for past runs of a query from the Report’s details view

February + March 2021 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Modified TRUNC calculated field function to match expected truncation behavior

  • Fixed an issue where Notebook session would end upon navigation to another section of open report

  • Fixed an issue where some reports in Mode Studio environments were not rendering correctly

  • Fixed an issue where users experienced issues loading My Work and Collections when switching between My Work and Collections

  • Fixed an issue where Mode admins accessing the Query Log page would experience page timeout

  • Fixed an issue where the query results grid in the SQL editor would fail to display columns with certain special characters

  • Fixed an issue where Pivot Table with 30K+ rows would redirect to a legacy line chart

  • Fixed an issue where date filter would jump to previous day in calendar picker if computer time zone was set to Central European Summer Time


  • Updated the Mode Editor so that each query & visualization has its own route (URL) that can be used for easier collaboration.

  • Added ROUND calculated field function

  • Improved discoverability of min/max settings in visualization filters

  • Added support for Apache Druid connections

  • Updated supported versions of popular Python libraries available in the Python 3 Notebooks

  • Added support for updated versions of database drivers and deprecated older drivers

January 2021 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users trying to access reports in Personal spaces resulted in a blank loading page.

  • Fixed an issue where Studio users could not move reports from their personal Space to open Space.

  • Fixed an issue in Chart Editor where hover tooltip automatically rounds up to the nearest whole number.

  • Fixed an issue in Explorations where report filters are applied to the “View Data” page, even after they have been removed from the visualization.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Remove’ option did not work in scatter plots.

  • Fixed an issue in which Filter Options were limited to 31.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘null’ x-axis values were appearing as ‘Series 1’ in tooltips.


  • Updated Discovery API documentation to use ‘id’ instead of ‘token’ for clarity.

  • Added a new API endpoint and documentation to purge all report results for a given data source connection.

  • Made an enhancement so that users no longer have to re-enter their password in connection settings to disable the schema refresh for a connection.

December 2020 Release Notes





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Query History in which the user could not view the error of a query that failed, unless it was the most recent run.

  • Fixed an issue where report filters would only be partially applied to a report.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip colors made text unreadable in some Mode themes.

  • Fixed an issue with the API where admins were only able to return a list of spaces they were members of, instead of all spaces.

  • Fixed an issue in Chart Editor and Report View where tooltip did not display correctly in charts with more than 2 measures on the same axis.


  • Updated versions of some of our most popular Python libraries (including pandas and numpy!) are available on Edge now. The full list of updated libraries is published on our Help site for easy reference.