Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Enhanced Data Prep with Data View




You now have more control over how you prep your data with our enhanced Data View in the SQL editor.

Untitled Report - Editing - 26 July 2022.gif

We replaced our grid results with the new Data View. Here you can see your results, field information, and source SQL. In addition, you can now add calculated fields to prep your data before moving a visual exploration. Double click or drag on the navigation here to minimize or expand your results.

Read more about Data View here.

Update: July 8, 2022




This week we made an update to the PDF export loading modal.

  • If you experience a failed PDF export attempt, you will see a new modal informing you of the generation error.


Updated behavior of function in Calculated Fields

On Tuesday, July 5th, we will update the DATEDIFF function in Calculated Fields. The new functionality will more closely match the way this is calculated in common databases such as MySQL, Redshift, and SQL Server.

Currently, DATEDIFF uses complete partitions to estimate the date difference. It looks at the time difference between two dates in the specified time unit, and then returns the number of full units that have passed.

The new behavior will use incomplete partitions to estimate the date difference. It will count how many times the “clock” has crossed the threshold that increases the unit count for that specified time unit. For example, going from 23:59:59 to 00:00:00 will increase the day count by 1. See examples on our Help Site.

Please note: When this change is made, existing visualizations may change by one (1) unit, such as minutes, days, or weeks, if they were previously calculated using partial units. We recommend reviewing a few of your most commonly viewed reports that use DATEDIFF to see if the changes described above will impact the results.

If you determine that you need to make changes based on this updated functionality, you can do one of two things:

  • Move the logic out of the Calculated Field and into your query. This can be done at any time.

  • Wait until we roll out the changes on Tuesday, July 5th, and then make the appropriate adjustment to the Calculated Fields.

Please reach out to our Support team if you need help identifying potentially impacted reports.

Updates: June 10 2022




This week we released updates for the schema browser and Visual Explorer for improved performance and usability:

  • Improved Performance for schema browser pagination. This update adds pagination to the schema browser that improves performance in the schema browser and the report. The schema browser now loads 50 schemas by default and allows the user to “see more” to load additional schemas. Previously this would load 1000 reports by default, which put a heavier load on both the schema browser and report.
  • Usability improvement to the schema browser quick run feature. When running a table preview from the schema browser, this update now includes all fields in the schema, previously this only included “SELECT *”
  • More granular control in Visual Explorer. You now have the ability to resize row headers and height through direct manipulation. This update will give you more control over your tables and chart and make them easier to view.

New Sorting Methods in Visual Explorer




We have added manual and nested sorting in Visual Explorer. With these new sorting methods, you will have more control over how you sort your data and convey your findings.

manual drag and drop.gif

Manual sorting allows you to sort values in whichever order you choose by dragging and dropping values into a customized order.

nest-field movie.gif

Nested sorting gives you the ability to sort values independently in each individual nest.

You can find more information about sorting on our help site.

Slack Integration Update & Depreciation




A new version, V.2, of Mode’s Slack integration is now available. V.2 includes updated integration permissions to be in compliance with Slack’s best practices, as well as usability improvements. Now, the Slack installer will no longer need to be in the destination channel, a specific improvement concerning private channels.

Our V.1 Slack integration will be deprecated on Sept, 21st 2022. To continue using your Mode / Slack integration, you will need to update your integration to the new V.2 version.

Read about how to upgrade your Mode Slack app integration on our help site.

Export Chart Data from Report Views




We have made an update to make it easier to export chart data from Mode reports.

Export to CSV.gif

If you are viewing a report and want to export the data, you can simply click “Export chart data to CSV” in the kebob menu. The data that is exported will account for any filters in the visualization and be aggregated into a .csv file.

Note: This is only available for charts created in Visual Explorer.

For more information, please see our help documents.

Updated Report Banners




We have made improvements to report banners!

With updated report banners, you will have more clear indicators of what version of a report you are viewing and actions you can take if there are errors with the underlying data.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.12.12 PM.png

New Connectors: Starburst and Trino




We have added two new connectors for Starburst and trino!

Mode’s Starburst integration allows users to query large sets of data for analytics through distributed queries.

With the Trino integration, users can quickly run analytical queries against large data sources directly into Mode’s reports.

Report Editor Improvements




We are excited to share a round of usability and design improvements to our Report Editor. This update includes:

  • Improved experience when navigating between content in the Report Editor.
  • Updates to the overflow menus for Queries and Charts.
  • Added in-line affordance to rename Reports.
  • Ability to tell at a glance which charts are currently in the Report Builder.
  • Updates to contrast and accessibility for an improved Mode experience.


Learn more about using the report editor on our Help Site.