Mode release notes
Mode release notes

August Release Notes





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit reports connected to a deleted datasource

  • Fixed two issues where ‘Copy' button in Explorations mode converted datetime data types incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue in the UI where connecting a new datasource would cause a red banner to display and the new source would not appear, despite being connected correctly

  • Fixed an issue where moving reports between personal and other spaces caused reports to disappear

  • Fixed a bug where rendering ‘No Results’ causes a persistent loading bar to appear in report view.

  • Fixed a bug where certain reports would render a blank screen while loading


  • Made an improvement to PDF Export to minimize table widths and limit white space, allowing for more content to be displayed on the page.

  • Made an improvement so that the browser tab now displays the name of an Exploration

  • Added validation to prevent users from comparing different datatypes in Calculated Fields

  • Updated Cufflinks on Edge for Python Notebooks

  • Updated Plotly with support for Plotly Express on Edge for Python Notebooks

  • Added filtering to the Discovery API to allow users to exclude reports, charts and queries from personal spaces.

  • Added analytic functions to Calculated Fields

  • Added ability for users to view Calculated Field formulas in both the Chart Editor

Feature Releases