Mode release notes
Mode release notes

February + March 2021 Release Notes





Bug Fixes

  • Modified TRUNC calculated field function to match expected truncation behavior

  • Fixed an issue where Notebook session would end upon navigation to another section of open report

  • Fixed an issue where some reports in Mode Studio environments were not rendering correctly

  • Fixed an issue where users experienced issues loading My Work and Collections when switching between My Work and Collections

  • Fixed an issue where Mode admins accessing the Query Log page would experience page timeout

  • Fixed an issue where the query results grid in the SQL editor would fail to display columns with certain special characters

  • Fixed an issue where Pivot Table with 30K+ rows would redirect to a legacy line chart

  • Fixed an issue where date filter would jump to previous day in calendar picker if computer time zone was set to Central European Summer Time


  • Updated the Mode Editor so that each query & visualization has its own route (URL) that can be used for easier collaboration.

  • Added ROUND calculated field function

  • Improved discoverability of min/max settings in visualization filters

  • Added support for Apache Druid connections

  • Updated supported versions of popular Python libraries available in the Python 3 Notebooks

  • Added support for updated versions of database drivers and deprecated older drivers