Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Increased customization with Table calculation settings




Table calculation settings are a new feature that enable you to customize the way an analytic formula is applied to your data to ensure that it visualizes the data the way you want it to. For example, you may want to be specific about the way a total is calculated when using Percent of Total, and now you can make these types of choices in Mode.

Start by selecting the Quick table calculation type from the dropdown. Note: This used to be called Quick calculations, but the name has been changed for clarity.

From here, you will see an additional layer of customization based on which out-of-the-box calculation type you’ve chosen (Percent difference, Difference, or Percent of Total). For example, if you choose Difference, you’ll see a dropdown of Relative to, while if you choose Percent of Total, the next dropdown will say Total using.

In the Calculate using dropdown, you’ll still see the preset options, such as table across, table down, etc. that were previously available, but you can now add a Custom order, which allows you to specify which fields are used to partition the calculation and over which fields the calculation is performed (i.e. which fields the calculation addresses).

Read more about how to use table calculations here.