Mode release notes
Mode release notes

January 2021 Release Notes





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users trying to access reports in Personal spaces resulted in a blank loading page.

  • Fixed an issue where Studio users could not move reports from their personal Space to open Space.

  • Fixed an issue in Chart Editor where hover tooltip automatically rounds up to the nearest whole number.

  • Fixed an issue in Explorations where report filters are applied to the “View Data” page, even after they have been removed from the visualization.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Remove’ option did not work in scatter plots.

  • Fixed an issue in which Filter Options were limited to 31.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘null’ x-axis values were appearing as ‘Series 1’ in tooltips.


  • Updated Discovery API documentation to use ‘id’ instead of ‘token’ for clarity.

  • Added a new API endpoint and documentation to purge all report results for a given data source connection.

  • Made an enhancement so that users no longer have to re-enter their password in connection settings to disable the schema refresh for a connection.