Mode release notes
Mode release notes

November Release Notes





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Calculated Fields where explicit boolean values in logical statements weren’t working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with Discovery API where pulling a list of reports returned a 503 error.

  • Fixed an issue in the Chart Editor where the tooltip header would not adjust correctly based on formatting changes.

  • Fixed an issue with Calculated Fields where comparing integers larger than 2^31 in an IF statement resulted in an error.

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t filter integers larger than 64-bit.

  • Fixed an issue where users without connection access were appearing in All Members list.

  • Fixed an issue to ensure that users cannot delete a bridge with an active connection. Instead, they should create a new bridge, and update the connection, then delete the old one.


  • Added an endpoint for Report Stats to Discovery API, which allows users to pull information on number of active schedules, number of explorations, and emails of users who have run reports or scheduled report runs.

  • Updated supported versions for plotly, chart-studio, plotly-geo, & cufflinks in Python 3.7 Notebooks.