Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Shared Axis enables complex comparisons and new chart types




Shared Axis is a new way of organizing data in a chart within Mode’s flexible visualization system, Visual Explorer. Shared Axis enables you to layer multiple visualizations on top of each other that are aligned to, or share, the same axis.

This makes it easy to communicate complex comparisons clearly, because you can look at them in the context of one chart, rather than having to compare across multiple charts or facets. It also unlocks entirely new chart types, like funnel charts, reference lines, band plots, and more.

To get started using Shared Axis, drop a continuous (green) field into the Columns or Rows dropzone. From there, click the arrow on the right of the pill, and select Shared Axis.

Check out the documentation for detailed walkthrough of using the feature.

shared axis - smaller.gif