Mode release notes
Mode release notes

Updates: June 10 2022




This week we released updates for the schema browser and Visual Explorer for improved performance and usability:

  • Improved Performance for schema browser pagination. This update adds pagination to the schema browser that improves performance in the schema browser and the report. The schema browser now loads 50 schemas by default and allows the user to “see more” to load additional schemas. Previously this would load 1000 reports by default, which put a heavier load on both the schema browser and report.
  • Usability improvement to the schema browser quick run feature. When running a table preview from the schema browser, this update now includes all fields in the schema, previously this only included “SELECT *”
  • More granular control in Visual Explorer. You now have the ability to resize row headers and height through direct manipulation. This update will give you more control over your tables and chart and make them easier to view.